Internet service interruption for planned maintenance


CSIT be conducting planned maintenance on Thursday, 8/2, at about 4:00pm which will result in a brief interruption of Internet services.

The maintenance operation scheduled is the replacement of the existing, aging network firewall.  The network firewall is a critical component of our campus network security, standing between the Internet and our internal campus network.  It is largely responsible for controlling what external network traffic is allowed onto the internal campus network.

We are planning to shift our network traffic from our current firewall to the new firewall at about 4:00pm.  As that shift takes place, there will be a brief interruption in the campus Internet connection.  We expect that interruption be no longer than about 5 minutes, perhaps less.  The new firewall will provide us with greater insight into the nature of our network traffic, finer grain control of that traffic and better security against external threats.

Thanks for your patience during this maintenance window.