What has NWU given you?
Katie Krick '17
Kevin Boatright '74
Saylor Small '22
Katie Krick '17
Kevin Boatright '74
Saylor Small '22

NWU has given me so much—an education, a vocation and lifelong relationships with former classmates and professors, many of whom are now my colleagues.
The NWU experience builds in each of us a foundation for a lifetime of learning, leading and serving. It teaches us to be adaptable and resilient. When I was a senior, I won a creative writing award provided by Kevin Boatright ’74. Now in retirement, Boatright looks back on how what he learned at Nebraska Wesleyan set the stage for the rest of his life. “I’m still very interested in serving the community, in reading and researching and writing. I also remain very open to whatever life has in store for me. I’m curious, and I’m excited about the future. My experience at Nebraska Wesleyan prepared me to be where I am today.”
Katie Krick ’17 is a few years removed from her life on campus, but she still feels enmeshed in the life of NWU through her contact with coaches and teammates from the Track & Field team and her best friends. “This incredible community continues to be an active part of my life years after graduation.”
Saylor Small ’22 is an English Education and Theatre Arts major, and she works with me as a student caller for our Phonathon fundraising drives. She loves NWU for the community that makes the campus feel like home. “I have a lot to thank Wesleyan for, especially for the professors they’ve given me. I have made some of the most impactful relationships of my life with the professors. They root for me when I’m down and make sure I’m okay. Most importantly, they congratulate me and are happy for me when I succeed. They’ve supported me on my whole journey, and that’s something you don’t get just anywhere. I’m thankful for that, and I hope I can bring that to my students in the future.”
We can show our gratitude to NWU by giving back—to the University and in our communities.

  • Our science department distributed masks and gloves across campus and donated the rest to Lincoln medical facilities.
  • Alynn Sampson ’06 and Scott Young ’01 are working hard at the Food Bank of Lincoln to make sure Lincoln families have the food they need and to assist those signing up for food benefits for the first time.
  • Braly Keller ’20, in his role as chairman of the NCAA Division-III Student-Athlete Advisory committee, advocated for spring-sport student-athletes in all three divisions to receive eligibility extensions so that they can have full college sports careers.

How has your NWU experience prepared you for this moment? How are you feeling called to give back to your communities as a thanks for the ways they have formed you?

Our community values stability and innovation and invites likeminded folks to join us in pursuit of academic excellence, personal relationships and communal support. I invite you to reflect with me this week on how you can give of your time, talent or treasure to deepen your NWU relationships and help shape our future. You can mentor current students and young alumni, partner with NWU to offer internships or scholarships, volunteer with service groups and so much more.

Join me in saying “Thanks” by finding ways to give back.
Erika Paschold ’08
Director of Advancement Strategy
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