Your Gifts in Action

Thanks to the support of generous alumni, parents and friends, Nebraska Wesleyan can continue providing students one-of-a-kind liberal arts experiences in a community that cares about their success. No matter who you are or what you’re passionate about, there’s a way for you to make a positive impact at NWU. 


When Players Coach

The NWU men’s soccer team is winning on and off the field as the players work to foster a culture of serving the Lincoln community. Twelve current NWU soccer players, almost 50% of the team, are working or volunteering as high school soccer coaches, referees and facilitators of after-school programs.

Internationalizing NWU

Studying abroad at NWU has opened me to a world of opportunities. I am fortunate to have been awarded a place on the British Council Study USA program to spend a full academic year studying business in the United States.

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Celebrating Philanthropy at NWU

As students made last-minute adjustments to their semester-long research projects for the research symposium, crammed for finals and planned life after graduation, Nebraska Wesleyan held its first-annual Philanthropy Week April 19-22 to celebrate all the good our students do on campus, in the Lincoln community and around the world.

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A Great Place to Grow

When did you last stop—really stop—to admire a tree? Today, the 150th annual celebration of Arbor Day, would be a great day to start.

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Making a Difference Together

Service and philanthropic involvement are core to the Nebraska Wesleyan community. NWU defines itself as a learning community whose members respect the dignity and worth of all members of the university and who seek opportunities to serve the wider human community.

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We Come Home

After turning the tassel and taking one last walk through the arch, Nebraska Wesleyan University students officially become alumni. But what does that mean? What does it look like to be an alumni member of the NWU community?

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Leading a Hall of Fame Life

Nebraska Wesleyan University boasts a long history of athletic excellence, best showcased by NWU’s top-10 national ranking for academic All-Americans across all divisions. Induction into the Nebraska Wesleyan Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes the best of the best.

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Working Better Together

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s campus is defined by its iconic arches, Old Main, and other housing and academic buildings that have been staples of the NWU experience for decades. Among NWU’s most recognizable buildings is the Cochrane-Woods Library, which has supported students and faculty in academic pursuits and leisure reading for over 50 years.

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Connections for a Lifetime

Nebraska Wesleyan gave Dennis “Denny” and Margaret “Cricket” McClatchey connections they’ve kept throughout their lives. Denny and Margaret did not arrive expecting to find each otherlet alone any of the other relationships they hold close to their hearts. Nevertheless, their lifelong relationships with fraternity brothers, sorority sisters and Professors David Clark and Henry Blanke shaped their lives. Denny and Margaret want the ripple effects to continue, so they are laying the groundwork now for the legacy of their beloved NWU professors to live on even after Denny and Margaret are gone. Funded through a charitable gift annuity, the David Clark and Henry Blanke Endowed Scholarship will support future generations of NWU students.

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Specialized Facilities Lead to Ground-Breaking Research

Senior Melissa Hatch is living out every college student’s dream, to observe the effects of traumatic brain injury on chronic alcoholic rats.

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Heartbeat of the NWU Experience

Nebraska Wesleyan University aims to provide students with lasting experiences unmatched by other universities. Through invaluable resources, extensive efforts of inclusivity and diversity and an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, NWU strives to create an environment where all students thrive.

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