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Welcome back


by Staci Bell, director of admissions

Welcome back! For you, back to school is all about your students’ goals. And we created this blog to help you in your work. Just like you, we want to connect your students to life-changing opportunities.

Nebraska Wesleyan University is a place that gives your students the same level of personal attention they get from you. That attention is how we connect them with every scholarship possible. It’s how we help them build the kinds of experiences that bring their career goals in reach.

This is NWU’s approach to scholarships

At NWU, our scholarships reflect our values. We invest in strong academics. We also reward engagement and participation.

Yes, we want outstanding scholars. We also want go-getters. Driven young people who show up, put in the time and do the hard work it takes to achieve big things. Our scholarships help make that happen.

Here’s how our scholarship model works.

Every student is automatically considered for a grant and academic scholarship when they’re admitted to Nebraska Wesleyan University.

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NWU raised $67.5 M for your students’ success

More people are choosing Nebraska Wesleyan University than ever before. Last year, we welcomed our largest incoming class ever. This year, we broke that record.

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NWU Offers Exclusive Summer Scholarship Opportunity

June 21, 2019, is an important date for your rising seniors. That’s when they can attend a single event and earn a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000 x 4 years) to Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Our Learn, Serve and Earn Scholarship Event introduces students and families to NWU by showcasing our commitment to learning through service. Students will hear from successful Nebraska Wesleyan alumni who lead nonprofit agencies. They’ll pitch in on a community service project and take home an exclusive Learn, Serve and Earn Scholarship.

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University Dials Up Scholarship Award Levels

Last year, Nebraska Wesleyan University awarded a record $25.2 million in financial aid to students and families. This year, we’re raising the bar higher with larger acceptance grants and academic scholarships.

NWU’s renewable acceptance grants—the Nebraska-Strong Grant and Flagship Match Grant—are automatically awarded to every admitted student based on where they live.

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A Winning Record of Prestige Awards

The best predictor of future success is … past success.

That’s what makes Nebraska Wesleyan University an ideal fit for students with big goals.

Our students regularly earn nationally selective awards that take them overseas to work in their chosen area of study. Since 2010, NWU students have won 35 Gilman Scholarships, two Goldwater Scholarships, nine Boren Scholarships, 26 Fulbright Scholarships, two Truman Scholarships and eight Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) Scholarships.

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