Math Professor Brent McKain teaches class outdoors with a rolling white board.
Mathematics and Computer Science Degrees

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Mathematics and Computer Science Degrees

With a math or computer science degree from NWU, you’ll be poised for career success. We do it by building your ability to spot patterns, make predictions, and reason rationally. These are skills that will set you apart in any career.

NWU's Mathematics and Computer Science program enables you to develop a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and math. Our liberal arts tradition means you’ll not only grow as a problem-solver, but you’ll also develop your ability to communicate effectively in a variety of technical disciplines.

NWU Mathematics and Computer Science gives you an effective and organized way to think about problems and seek powerful answers.

Get amazing results.

Mathematics is all about intersections. Math intersects so many areas of study—like music, economics and social science.

That’s why our math and computer science students do more than crunch numbers. At NWU, you can explore math and computer science through teaching and research while also performing and volunteering throughout the campus. You can intern in Washington D.C. and study around the world.

Your mathematical and computer science skills and the breadth of your Nebraska Wesleyan experience will expand your career opportunities.

NWU’s small classes mean more individual opportunity, and more personal growth. NWU graduates consistently pursue a variety of careers including teaching, research and law. NWU Mathematics and Computer Science alumni also work as engineers, actuarial scientists, analysts, computer scientists and entrepreneurs.

Mathematics and Computer Science faculty

NWU Mathematics and Computer Science faculty are award-winning, dedicated educators who use the latest technology and teaching methods to inspire greatness and change lives. Their broad interests include powerful applications of math to medical imaging, cryptography and computer science, as well as areas of pure mathematical study like combinatorics and topology.

NWU professors—not graduate assistants—design and instruct every math and computer science course. NWU advisors help students identify courses and other opportunities to supplement their education to enhance success in and out of Nebraska Wesleyan.


Math panel

Math Club hosts alums

Math Club members enjoy many benefits and learning opportunities. This spring, the Math Club hosted a math career panel featuring successful alums (l to r) Will Reimer ’17, Macklin Warrington ’12, and Ben Cook ‘10. Pictured with the alums (right) is mathematics graduate student Taran Funk.


Math Alumni Success Stories