Education Degrees

To succeed as an educator, you must become one of the most agile professionals in the working world. You must respond immediately to your students’ needs, adapt to changing requirements and find new solutions to unexpected problems. Every. Single. Day.

That’s why an education degree from NWU exemplifies agility. We adapt our methods and courses to the latest research on what works in education. We give you the great foundation every teacher needs. And we help you specialize in your chosen area of emphasis.

As an education major at NWU, you can build more experience and still graduate in four years.

Get amazing results.

Right from the start first-year education majors are put in field placements. You’ll have at least four practicum experiences before you student teach.

Get connected with student teaching opportunities in Lincoln, across our region, or even overseas. These international teaching experiences help our students stand out. 

And after you’ve started work as a teacher, you can advance your career with a Master of Education from NWU.

Education faculty

NWU Education professors offer an incredible amount of expertise to draw from—including a 38-year teacher and administrator in the Lincoln Public Schools and U.S. veterans.


Alexander Delgado, Gilman Scholarship recipient

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Khu Say, NWU senior

Student helps immigrants explore education opportunities

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Sophomore Eric Kimberly decided to pursue all of his academic passions: theatre, math, and education and is majoring in all three. He is also a peer assistant in Plainsman Hall.

Three passions - three majors: support helps him balance

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Methods for Teaching and Writing

Beyond four walls: professors go beyond the classroom

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student teaching in Ireland

Seniors gain teaching experience in Ireland classrooms

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