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This Fall’s Remote Finish


—By Jodi Ryter

Even as your student finishes the semester remotely, campus resources remain at the ready to serve them.

Professors, advisors, coaches and residential education coordinators are just an email, phone call or virtual meeting away.

Social Distance Makes the Heart Grow Thankful

By Brandi Sestak

At this point in the semester, it’s not unusual for students to miss family and friends at home. (We know you miss them, too.) During this pandemic, we’ve encouraged students to stay on campus as much as possible to minimize chances for the virus to move in either direction between campus and students’ hometowns.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts to protect the pack. With just four weeks remaining before we finish the semester remotely, we need those efforts to continue.

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Students’ Perspectives: Smiling with Our Eyebrows

By Samantha Redfern, senior

NWU has always been a welcoming campus of smiling faces. These days, those smiles are mostly hidden behind our masks. But we’re getting better at communicating with our eyebrows.

Nobody would call this masked and distanced semester normal, but it’s been worth it to be together.

We’ve coped with challenges and struggles that can sometimes be too much to face alone. Even before the pandemic, seeing my classmates and professors has helped me in my toughest moments. During a pandemic, that support system is even more important.

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How We Share COVID-19 Information

Nebraska Wesleyan University prepared thoroughly for students’ return to campus and put into place the necessary protocols to deal with the pandemic. That work included plans to keep the entire campus community up to date with reliable information.

Each Monday, the university sends an email to all students, faculty and staff regarding the number of positive COVID-19 cases and recoveries from the previous week, as well as the total number of positive cases and recoveries since tracking began on August 3.

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Keys to Successful Adaptation

By Jodi Ryter

Without a doubt, the pandemic has impacted teaching and learning at NWU this fall. Every instructor needed to consider how to adapt course delivery to achieve learning outcomes and maintain in-person on-campus engagement while accounting for a classroom capacity less than the total course enrollment.

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Nebraska Wesleyan CAREs

By Candice Howell

Nebraska Wesleyan faculty and staff are invested in our students’ academic progress and personal growth. We have found that a friendly face, a listening ear and a caring heart can often help our students get in touch with the appropriate campus resources in their time of need. For more than two and a half decades, we’ve coordinated a significant amount of our assistance to students through our CARE (Concern, Assessment, Research and Education) Team.

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