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Holiday Blessings from Our Campus Community


As the holidays approach, we’re often reminded to pause and reflect on our blessings. This comes easily because we have so many reasons to celebrate this year. For example, this fall, we:

  • welcomed our third largest class of new students in NWU history,
  • broke ground on our new baseball and softball stadiums,
  • completed the renovation of Elder Theatre,
  • launched a new major in public health.

We continue to invest in your student’s education and provide those impactful experiences that you expect of a Nebraska Wesleyan education.

Your NWU Instruction Manual

by Gordie Coffin

Have you ever tried putting something together without the instructions? You think you’re saving time until you realize the frame’s upside down and there are four important-looking pieces leftover on the floor.

We’re here to actually save you time. That’s why we created our admitted student webpage. It has all the to-dos, dates and deadlines you need.

We list each step in order and give you all the details you’ll need over the next several months.

Preparing Your Student for Class Registration

by Jodi Ryter and Meghan Winchell

Class registration is where your student will first meet their academic advisor. This advisor will work with your student to build a first-semester schedule that incorporates their interests and goals, considers prior education, and aligns with expected involvement on and off campus.

What to Expect from New Student Orientation

by Erin Hoffman and Derrick Gulley, Jr.

New Student Orientation (NSO) lays the foundation for your student’s smooth transition into college. These events (offered in-person on Friday, June 9, and virtually on Tuesday, June 13 and Wednesday, June 14) provide important information and help students and families establish connections for the fall 2023 semester and beyond.