Parking Information

Nebraska Wesleyan University encourages the use of alternative transportation such as car pooling, city bus service and/or bicycling.

Vehicle hang tags for enrolled full- and part-time students are required on all vehicles regularly using Nebraska Wesleyan University’s parking areas, and can be obtained at the Physical Plant. With the exception of the 24-hour reserved lot located south of the Townhouse Village and lot 6, there is no fee for parking.

Nebraska Wesleyan University parking areas are designated by a sign near the lot entrance or individual stall signs. Vehicles without the appropriate permits as specified on the signs during the designated times are subject to violation tickets and/or towing.

“No Parking” areas are designated by signs or by red curb painting. Parking is prohibited in entrance driveways, fire lanes, near fire hydrants, in delivery and service drives, at street crossing areas, blocking other vehicles, on sidewalks and on grass.

This policy is enforced by parking violation tickets and/or vehicle towing. Security (ext. 2325 or cellular 402.432.9238), and/or Physical Plant staff (ext. 2323) are authorized to enforce compliance of the parking policy.

Parking violation tickets

Tickets will be issued to improperly parked vehicles. This includes vehicles parked in parking lots without proper hangtags. Fines are $25, however, violation of handicap parking has a fine of $100.00. This amount will be added to NWU student/employee account as applicable. Payment can be made at the Business Office window.

Towing policy

After accumulation of three (3) unpaid tickets within the academic year, violators are subject to tow upon the next violation. Our 24-hour towing company is Capital Towing, 101 Charleston 402-477-7676. Capital Towing will accept cash or bank card only. NWU is not involved in the towing, storing, or release of vehicles, and assumes no liability for vehicles.