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Rules for Move-in

There’s a lot you can do to make your room feel like home—and a few things you can’t. Make sure what you’re bringing to campus is allowed.

You may:

  • Hang or mount light items like posters and photos. But please use only 3M removable posting tabs or hooks and make sure how to remove them properly to avoid damage charges.
  • Have one mini-fridge (5 cubic feet or smaller) or Microchill unit per traditional-style residence hall room. The only Microchill units, which are a mini-fridge/microwave combo, allowed in the halls are those rented from College Products. NWU's Heim/White Suites, Townhouse Village or on-campus apartments are already equipped with refrigerators. Students in those facilities may not bring additional mini-fridges.

You may not:

  • Paint your room. It’ll be either white or off-white.
  • Bring a personal microwave, unless you live in an on-campus apartment. It is OK to use a rented Microchill in the traditional-style residence halls.
  • Use extension cords. But grounded, three-prong surge protectors are just fine as long as no other surge protectors are plugged into it.
  • Decorate with string/party lights, or any hanging light features. They are fire hazards.

Bring This

  • Extra long twin sheets and blankets (deep pocket twin sheets work, too.)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Desk lamp (No halogen lamps.)
  • Basic cleaning supplies including disinfecting spray and/or wipes
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry bag and supplies
  • Three-prong power strip with circuit breaker
  • Alarm clock
  • Wastebasket
  • Shower caddy
  • Book bag
  • Desk supplies
  • Personal Care Products

Consider Bringing This

  • Free-standing bulletin board
  • Carpet (if your room isn’t carpeted) or a rug
  • Bicycle and u-lock
  • Plastic organizer
  • Bowls, cups, utensils
  • Rubber flip flops for shower
  • Personal laptops and accessories
  • Television
  • Posters or room decorations
  • Small fan
  • Minifridge (5 cubic feet or smaller, only) if living in traditional-style halls
  • Mattress pad or eggshell foam pad
  • Small, stick vacuum
  • Ice scraper and jumper cables (if bringing a car)
  • Ethernet cord

Don’t Bring This

  • Pets (only fish in 10 gallon tanks or smaller or approved ESAs are allowed)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Extension cords
  • George Foreman-type grills
  • Firearms, fireworks, weapons or paintball equipment/paintballs
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters and Toaster Ovens
  • Wireless internet router
  • Any loft not provided by NWU or rented through College Products
  • String party or holiday lights and/or hanging light decorative fixtures
  • Sound systems or subwoofers
  • Personal air conditioner unit or space heater