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Nebraska Wesleyan University
Residential Education Office
Centennial First Floor
5000 Saint Paul Avenue
Lincoln NE 68504
(402) 465-2161 Fax (402) 465-2537
lrs [at] (lrs[at]NebrWesleyan[dot]edu)

Housing Prices

2024-2025 Academic Year

Room Costs

  Semester Year
Centennial Hall    
Double $3,337 $6,674
Single $3,646 $7,292
Johnson Hall    
Double $3,654 $7,308
Single $4,112 $8,224
Pioneer Hall    
Double $3,654 $7,308
Plainsman Hall    
Double $3,337 $6,674
Heim/White Suites    
Double $3,965 $7,930
Double* $4,254 $8,508
Singles* $4,531 $9,062
Single $4,853 $9,706

* shared bedroom     ** individual bedroom

Meal Plan Options

Gold Plan
Available for all returning students and required for all first-year students living on-campus
$5,238/year for 19 meals/week and $200 in flex points/year

Prairie Wolf Plan
Available for all returning students
$4,200/year for 12 meals/week and $200 in flex points/year

Pack Plan
Available for Townhouse, Apartment, Greek and Commuting students
$2,330/year for 75 meals/semester and $500 in flex points/year

All second-year students are required to sign-up for either the Prairie Wolf or Gold meal plans regardless of their housing location. Housing requirements for Junior and Senior residents will vary by housing location.

Do you have a special diet? Visit with lana.webb [at] (Lana Webb) with Sodexo at (402) 465-2295 about how the dining hall can meet your needs.