Fall 2021 First-Year Scholarships

All Admitted Students Qualify for a Scholarship

Every student who is admitted to Nebraska Wesleyan receives one renewable academic scholarship. All students qualify for the $15,000 Nebraska Strong Scholarship—and will earn a minimum of $60,000 over four years. You may instead qualify for a larger scholarship based on your GPA only or on your combined ACT/SAT and GPA. Find out which one academic scholarship you qualify for in the chart below.

Scholarship Annual Amount GPA Only (Test Optional) Criteria GPA-only OR ACT/SAT and GPA Criteria
Board of Governors $20,000 4.0+

ACT score of 30+ (SAT 1360+) and GPA 3.75+

Presidents $18,000 3.75-3.99

ACT composite of 27-29 (SAT 1260-1350) and GPA 3.5+

Black & Gold $16,000 3.5-3.74

ACT composite of 24-26 (SAT 1160-1250) and GPA 3.0+

Nebraska Strong* $15,000 3.25-3.49

ACT composite 20-23 (SAT 1030-1150) and GPA 3.0+

*Students who do not meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply and if admitted would receive the Nebraska Strong Scholarship.

$1,000 Campus or Virtual Visit Grant

You automatically receive this renewable $1,000 grant when you tour campus or arrange a virtual visit. (Limit 1). Schedule your campus visit

$1,000 Event Scholarship 

NWU plans scholarship events around areas related to your academic major or career interest. Attend a scholarship event and receive a renewable $1,000 event scholarship. (Limit 1.) 

Access NWU Scholarship Program for Pell-eligible Students

The Access NWU Scholarship Program will fully fund tuition through federal, state and NWU merit-based and need-based aid for Nebraska first-time, first-year students who qualify for the federal Pell Grant. The program will serve most students whose family adjusted gross incomes are at or below $60,000. Learn more about the Access NWU Scholarship Program.

Additional First-Year Scholarships

In addition to an academic scholarship, you may be eligible for these NWU scholarships.

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Wesleyan Honors Academy Scholarship Up to $3,000 per year Not applicable
Alumni Legacy Scholarshp $1,000, renewable Not applicable
Great Plains United Methodist Scholarship $500 to $2,000, renewable Not applicable
TeamMates Scholarship $1,000 (increases annually) January 5
College Possible $1,000 (increases annually) January 5
Upward Bound $1,000 (increases annually) January 5

Competitive Scholarships

These NWU scholarships require students to audition or interview for a competitive award.

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Huge-NWU Scholarship Full tuition, fees, room and board December 1, 2020
TeamMates Access Scholarship Full tuition January 5, 2021
Theatre Scholarships $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
Music Ensemble Participation Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Bennett Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Fosbury Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Harrod Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Marshall Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary

Minority Student Scholarships

Nebraska Wesleyan offers scholarship programs directed toward minority students.

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Vaughn Scholarship for Students of Color Range from $1,000-$4,000 Not applicable

Athletic Scholarships at NWU

NWU is a member of the NCAA Division III, which is unique in not awarding athletic scholarships due to its unwavering commitment to the academic success of every student-athlete. At NWU, we reward your scholastic performance with academic scholarships so you can compete in the sport you love—on scholarship in the subject you love.

Fall 2021 Criteria for Admission and Scholarships

  • Admission Criteria
    • NWU admits students who demonstrate accomplishments in and out of the classroom, as well as leadership potential and other achievements
    • ACT composite of 20+ (SAT 1030+) and GPA of 3.0+
    • 3.25+ GPA only (test optional)
    • Students below an ACT composite of 20+ (SAT 1030+) and GPA of 3.0+ are encouraged to apply
  • GPA Only (Test Optional) Criteria for Admission
    • 3.25+ GPA only (test optional) . Students may choose not to submit their ACT or SAT scores
    • Research shows the highest predictor of success in college is the high school GPA earned over four years and not standardized test scores
  • Superscoring your ACT and SAT
    • Superscoring is the process of averaging your best subject scores from all ACT or SAT test attempts
    • NWU accepts multiple tests for superscoring to increase the composite score and boost scholarship eligibility
    • The ACT now offers the opportunity to take one subject test at a time
    • NWU accepts individual ACT subject tests and calculates a superscore composite
    • Standardized testing scores submitted before January 1 are accepted for superscoring and boosting scholarship eligibility