Fall 2021 First-Year Scholarships

All Admitted Students Qualify for a Scholarship

Every student who is admitted to Nebraska Wesleyan receives one renewable academic scholarship. All students qualify for the $15,000 Nebraska Strong Scholarship—and will earn a minimum of $60,000 over four years. You may instead qualify for a larger scholarship based on your GPA only or on your combined ACT/SAT and GPA. Find out which one academic scholarship you qualify for in the chart below.

Scholarship Annual Amount GPA Only (Test Optional) Criteria GPA-only OR ACT/SAT and GPA Criteria
Board of Governors $20,000 4.0+

ACT score of 30+ (SAT 1360+) and GPA 3.75+

Presidents $18,000 3.75-3.99

ACT composite of 27-29 (SAT 1260-1350) and GPA 3.5+

Black & Gold $16,000 3.5-3.74

ACT composite of 24-26 (SAT 1160-1250) and GPA 3.0+

Nebraska Strong* $15,000 3.25-3.49

ACT composite 20-23 (SAT 1030-1150) and GPA 3.0+

*Students who do not meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply and if admitted would receive the Nebraska Strong Scholarship.

Fall 2021 Criteria for Admission and Scholarships

  • Admission Criteria
    • NWU admits students who demonstrate accomplishments in and out of the classroom, as well as leadership potential and other achievements
    • ACT composite of 20+ (SAT 1030+) and GPA of 3.0+
    • 3.25+ GPA only (test optional)
    • Students below an ACT composite of 20+ (SAT 1030+) and GPA of 3.0+ are encouraged to apply
  • GPA Only (Test Optional) Criteria for Admission
    • 3.25+ GPA only (test optional) . Students may choose not to submit their ACT or SAT scores
    • Research shows the highest predictor of success in college is the high school GPA earned over four years and not standardized test scores
  • Superscoring your ACT and SAT
    • Superscoring is the process of averaging your best subject scores from all ACT or SAT test attempts
    • NWU accepts multiple tests for superscoring to increase the composite score and boost scholarship eligibility
    • The ACT now offers the opportunity to take one subject test at a time
    • NWU accepts individual ACT subject tests and calculates a superscore composite
    • Standardized testing scores submitted before January 1 are accepted for superscoring and boosting scholarship eligibility

$1,000 Campus or Virtual Visit Grant

You automatically receive this renewable $1,000 grant when you tour campus or arrange a virtual visit. (Limit 1.)

Access these two scholarship opportunities when you apply to NWU

  • Lead The Way Scholarship – When you apply Early Action by October 15 and submit an essay about your personal goals, you qualify for this $1,000 renewable scholarship. 
  • $1,000 Event Scholarship (TBA) – NWU plans scholarship events around areas related to your academic major or career interest. Attend and receive a renewable $1,000 event scholarship. (Limit 1.) Details about upcoming events to be announced soon.

Additional First-Year Scholarships

In addition to an academic scholarship, you may be eligible for these NWU scholarships.

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Access NWU Full tuition Not applicable
Wesleyan Honors Academy Scholarship Up to $3,000 per year Not applicable
Alumni Legacy Scholarshp $1,000, renewable Not applicable
Great Plains United Methodist Scholarship $500 to $2,000, renewable Not applicable
TeamMates Scholarship $1,000 (increases annually) January 5
College Possible $1,000 (increases annually) January 5
Upward Bound $1,000 (increases annually) January 5

Competitive Scholarships

These NWU scholarships require students to audition or interview for a competitive award.

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Huge-NWU Scholarship Full tuition, fees, room and board December 1, 2020
TeamMates Access Scholarship Full tuition January 5, 2021
Theatre Scholarships $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
Music Ensemble Participation Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Bennett Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Fosbury Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Harrod Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary
The Marshall Music Scholarship $500 to $3,000 Audition dates vary

Minority Student Scholarships

Nebraska Wesleyan offers scholarship programs directed toward minority students.

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Vaughn Scholarship for Students of Color Range from $1,000-$4,000 Not applicable

Athletic Scholarships at NWU

NWU is a member of the NCAA Division III, which is unique in not awarding athletic scholarships due to its unwavering commitment to the academic success of every student-athlete. At NWU, we reward your scholastic performance with academic scholarships so you can compete in the sport you love—on scholarship in the subject you love.