Student Access

  • Activate your NWU Office365 account – Set your account password to access NWU Library resources, your NWU email account and course evaluations.
  • Reset your NWU Office365 password – Forgot your password? Reset it here.
  • NWU Library – Use these instructions to learn how to access library services.
  • IDEA Class Evaluation – At the end of each Honors Academy course, you will be asked to complete a class evaluation through an online system called IDEA. Use your NWU email address and password to sign in.
  • Cooper Center – Request virtual appointments for peer tutoring in a given discipline and for writing consultations.
  • Self-Service – Access your grades, bill, and tax forms when appropriate.

Activate your NWU Office365 account

Please note:

  • Accounts can be activated after 10:15am of the morning you receive the activation email.
  • Passwords must:
    • Include 12-28 characters
    • Include a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and these symbols ! . , / ~ =
    • Not use common dictionary words, common names, or sequence of numbers (123...)

To activate your NWU Office365 account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Use the pre-assigned email address and activation password which were sent to you by email.
  3. Enter your email address and click [Next]. Then enter your activation password, followed by a new password (make sure to follow the notes listed above) and confirmation of your new password. Then click [Sign in].
  4. Click the [Next] button when the "More information required" page appears.
  5. Complete the "Don’t Lose Access to your account page." Click the “Set it up now” text link for cell phone authentication (quickest option) to recover your account in the future.

    Enter appropriate information in the series of pages that follow until you receive the verification code on your phone and have entered it into the corresponding text field, then click the [verify] button.

After you have activated your NWU Office365 account, you will use the NWU website to log in. Click on "Inside NWU," then "Office365".

Please contact your WHA instructor or ahowell [at] (Andrea Howell) if you have questions or problems accessing your account.

Your NWU ID Card

You will receive an NWU ID card which provides you access to on-campus events such as sports contests and fine arts productions. The ID card can also be used for checking out books in person at the NWU library and all the libraries of the University of Nebraska System. Cards are sent when all on-time registrations are complete (second week in October and third week in February). You will receive an ID card just once, after your initial registration.

You may access NWU library holdings with a guest pass from your WHA instructor.