High Schools and Teachers

Faculty Qualifications

A high school teacher who wishes to become an adjunct instructor in the Wesleyan Honors Academy program should hold a master's degree in the subject area of the courses they propose to offer, or hold a master's degree with a minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit in the the relevant subject field.

Program Benefits

NWU has established a program to assist high schools and teachers in providing the highest level of instruction and most effective learning environment for students enrolled in Honors Academy courses.

Funding for High Schools and Teachers: A Curriculum Enhancement Fund will be established for each Honors Academy teacher with the amount based on enrollment; and a matching amount will be provided to the district to help them acquire new books, equipment and other curricular materials.

Professional Development: Every year, Wesleyan University offers an Honors Academy Professional Development Workshop on the university campus in Lincoln, Nebraska. All Honors Academy teachers are required to attend to discuss changes in policies and procedures, as well as to interact with other Honors Academy instructors and Wesleyan academic department coordinators concerning updates to the curriculum in their disciplines. A stipend is provided to attend this workshop.

Private Coaching: Honors Academy teachers are encouraged to work closely with their departmental coordinators throughout the academic year in areas of curriculum development and assessment coordination.

Subsidized Tuition for Teachers Seeking Honors Academy Qualification: The Honors Academy program offers a postgraduate scholarship to teachers who are within 18 hours of qualifying to teach Honors Academy courses. Tuition at the institution of their choice will be reimbursed according to the following formula:

  • One three-hour course remaining: Up to $2,000/course
  • Two three-hour courses remaining: Up to $1,000/course
  • Three three-hour courses remaining: Up to $670/course
  • Four, five or six three-hour courses remaining: Up to $500/course

Additional Benefits for Teachers and Students: As an adjunct faculty member, teachers are given access to all of the resources and programs granted to on-campus faculty, including:

  • Free admission to fine arts productions
  • Free admission to athletic events
  • Use of the library services
  • Invitations to attend guest lectures
  • Class tours arranged for their students
  • Admission of their classes to special events

Application to Teach Honors Academy Courses

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For more information, contact Director, Wesleyan Honors Academy Marian Borgmann Ingwersen, Ph.D. at (402) 465-2415.