NWU Theatre Program

When it comes to building your experience on and off the stage, NWU Theatre outperforms everyone.

NWU Theatre produces roughly 47 shows running on 200 nights each year. Compare that to the production schedules at other schools on your list.

NWU faculty direct as many as 14 productions each year, including four musicals and four cabarets. Add to that the 20+ shows directed by NWU students—including full-length musicals like Oklahoma!, Company, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Theatre students also write and produce their own plays.

Get onstage sooner. All these opportunities mean you’ll perform during your first year. And you’ll hone more skills. Design costumes. Build sets. Learn makeup and lighting and directing and choreography.

Be part of something big. Our experience-based approach draws 100 theatre majors from coast to coast. NWU Theatre is one of the largest and most diverse departments on campus.

At NWU, the stage is your laboratory. And you’ll learn more by experiencing every aspect of life in theatre.

Get amazing results

Our philosophy: If you can handle NWU Theatre’s pace, you’re ready for the demands of the profession.

NWU Theatre alumni are working in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Seattle and Phoenix as actors, directors, producers and costumers. Dozens more are in New York and overseas.

Theatre faculty

In addition to NWU Theatre’s prolific faculty, we connect you with talented guest artists including Broadway actors, dancers and choreographers as well as successful stage directors and musical directors.

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