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BFA Audition and Interview Process
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Theatre Admissions Contact

Ryan Kathman, Asst. Professor of Theatre
Director of Recruiting

rkathman [at] (rkathman[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu)

BFA Audition and Interview Process

Your talent, academic ability and potential for success are the keys to your admission to Nebraska Wesleyan University’s theatre program. We’re selective so you can work alongside the best talent in small classes and have maximum opportunities to perform.

Prospective students interested in these programs need to apply, prepare and share materials to be considered for admission. NWU Theatre distributes scholarship offers by June 1.

Pursue NWU Theatre in 3 steps

1. Apply to Nebraska Wesleyan for free at

2. Prepare materials.

 BFA in Acting

  • A resume

  • A photograph (we prefer headshots, but will accept any close-up)

  • Two contrasting one-minute monologues from contemporary plays

  • One classic one-minute monologue (anything prior to 1900) or 20-30 lines from Shakespeare or one of his contemporaries

 BFA in Musical Theatre

  • A resume

  • A photograph (we prefer headshots, but will accept any close-up)

  • A one-minute monologue from a published play

  • Two contrasting 32-bar cuts, one from a pre-1980 musical and one from a contemporary musical

  • A link to a 45-90 second dance audition video

 BFA in Design and Technology, Directing, or Theatre Studies

  • A resume
  • Examples of your work in photographs, prompt-scripts, slides or drawings of productions
  • Examples of related skills (e.g. painting, drawing, sewing, handwork, woodworking, etc.)
  • Directors might want to include a 1-2 page essay describing a directorial concept for a prospective or realized production

3. Share your materials with us.

Contact Ryan Kathman, assistant professor of theatre at rkathman [at] (rkathman[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu) or 402.465.2128 to coordinate arrangements.

  • Visit NWU. Audition and interview for free on campus between September and April. Please plan your visit two weeks in advance and bring materials with you. If needed, we will provide you an accompanist. Visiting campus is the best way to experience NWU Theatre. We can also arrange a Zoom audition for you.
  • Join us for Chicago Unified Auditions. Schedule an audition with one of our faculty members at Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago. Please provide your own musical accompaniment.
  • Submit your materials online. Go to and upload the necessary materials. Please include an intro video stating your name, the pieces you’ll perform, and something you’d like us to know about you that’s not on your resume.