Modern Language Literacy Minor

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Modern Language Literacy Minor

Language Concentrations: French, German, Japanese, Spanish
 (Other language concentrations may be approved by the Department Chair. Students interested in study of Chinese and Japanese are encouraged to consider a major in International Studies.)

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International Studies (B.A., B.S.)
International Business (B.A.)
Social Work (B.A.)
Biology (B.S.)

The Department of Modern Languages at Nebraska Wesleyan University prepares students to engage in a diverse and changing world through the study of languages, literatures and cultures. Recognizing that the study of language is central to the experience of a liberal arts education, the Department of Modern Languages serves the entire student body through the Archway Curriculum and its Major and Minor programs. At every level, students develop skills in listening, reading, speaking, and writing, equipping them to communicate with global competence.

Modern Language Studies at NWU:
The study of language and cultures is central to the humanities and vital to students as they prepare for professional careers in a globally interconnected society. The Department of Modern Languages offers a broad curriculum with courses in language, culture and literature, supported by interdisciplinary collaboration with departments and programs across the university and through study abroad opportunities.

The Modern Language Studies Major and Modern Language Literacy Minor encourage students to delve deeply into language and cultural study. Beginning with a focus on literacy by developing skills to read, write, and communicate effectively in the language of concentration, our majors and minors study in disciplines that are complementary disciplines such as History, Linguistics, Political Science, Communication Studies, and Anthropology. By approaching language and cultural studies through an interdisciplinary lens, our goal is to cultivate educated speakers of foreign languages with intercultural competence.

Language Placement: Students with prior language study may qualify for placement at advanced levels through assessment results and/or other criteria that the department determines relevant.

Department Learning Outcomes
Majors will be able to:

  1. Express themselves effectively and are understood by native speakers in a variety of oral and written registers.
  2. Understand native speech.
  3. Employ a variety of coping strategies to communicate both verbally and non-verbally in the target language.
  4. Read and comprehend a variety of texts written for native speakers of the target language.
  5. Investigate local, national, and international issues of interest in the target language.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of linguistic and cultural aspects of another county.
  7. Enhance intercultural competency through living in another linguistic and cultural environment.

Please note: The wide variety of course offering allows us to tailor our options each semester and rotate courses as needed.

The Modern Language Literacy minor is comprised of two elements: Language Concentration and Modern Language Studies Electives.

Language Concentration - Select One 8-10 hours
Modern Language Literacy Minor (14-16 hours)
French 8 hours
8 hours of MFREN at the 3000 or 4000 level.  
German 8 hours
8 hours of MGRMN at the 3000 or 4000 level.  
Japanese 10 hours
10 hours of MJPAN at the 2000 or 3000 level.  
Spanish 8 hours
8 hours of MSPAN at the 3000 or 4000 level.  
Other Language 8-10 hours
Select courses in another language, as approved by Department Chair.  
2. Modern Language Studies Electives 6 hours
  • Credits may be earned in any language course that is not counted toward the 8-10 hours of 3000/4000 credit for the Language of Concentration.
  • Credit my be earned in courses taught outside the Modern Language Department that support the study of languages and /or cultures - refer to list of approved courses. Other courses must be pre-approved by the Department Chair.