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Art Studio

Below is the coursework required to minor in art studio. For an overview of this program, see Art Degrees.

Requirements 20 hours
Art Studio Minor (20 hours)
ARH 1040FYW Survey Western Art History: Ancient to 21st Century 4 hours
ART 1050 Art Research 4 hours
ART 1300 Introduction to Drawing 4 hours
Studio Art Electives (2 courses) 8 hours
ARH 1040FYW Survey Western Art History: Ancient to 21st Century (4 hours)

This course surveys western art chronologically from prehistory to the present day. Discussions center on understanding various civilizations through their visual arts, the cultural exchange between these civilizations, and how images are used for political, economic, religious and social purposes. Guiding themes within this course, such a patronage,gender, identity, political/religious turmoil, colonialism, and global trade, will introduce students to why certain types of art are created and how these works of art function within society. Students gain familiarity with movements, time periods, and individual works of art. Students learn to identify works of art, are introduced to art terminology, practice the fundamentals of visual analysis, and develop the ability to analyze the content and contexts of works of art.

Archway Curriculum: First-Year Curriculum: First-Year Writing
Archway Curriculum: Essential Connections: Diversity Instructive: Global
Archway Curriculum: Integrative Core: Going Global Thread
ART 1050 Art Research (4 hours)

This studio art course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques for creative production + problem solving + presentation. We will aim to expand your understanding of what you can achieve and what interests you through experimentation with time, surface, and space as well as a thoughtful exploration of the elements and principles of 2D, 3D, and 4D art and design. While this course will cover some ideas of technique, materials, and process, this is primarily a course where our goal will be to develop our ideas and strategies for how to engage an artistic practice that takes place across material + dimensional boundaries based on the needs of "the work" and the concepts behind it.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of department chair.

Archway Curriculum: Essential Connections: Speaking Instructive
ART 1300 Introduction to Drawing (4 hours)

A studio art investigation into drawing as a tool for thinking, observing and questioning. Students will become familiar with fundamental techniques and concepts such as line, value, form and perspective. A variety of dry media and surfaces will be used. Formal and in-progress critiques will be held throughout the semester. Attending and/or participating in local art exhibitions and artist lectures is required. Various levels (1-4) of this studio art medium may meet together. The course requirements of each level are different.

Archway Curriculum: Foundational Literacies: Creative and Performing Arts