Art Studio

Requirements 16 hours
Art Studio Minor (16 hours)
ART 1050 Basic Design 3 hours
ART 1300 Drawing 1 3 hours
Art History Course 4 hours
Studio Art Electives 6 hours
ART 1050 Basic Design (3 hours)

This course gives students a working comprehension of the elements and principles of design in a variety of media.  Students are expected to develop a strong studio work ethic, increase creative problem-solving capabilities, and discover ways to communicate ideas visually.  Students learn through making, self-reflection, and critique to develop a verbal/visual vocabulary that forms the foundation for the future study of art.

Archway Curriculum: Essential Connections: Speaking Instructive
ART 1300 Drawing 1 (3 hours)

An introduction to drawing by surveying its use as a foundation for future study in all 2D and 3D media. Various levels (1-4) of this studio art medium may meet together. The course requirements of each level are different.

Archway Curriculum: Foundational Literacies: Creative and Performing Arts