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Art Degrees

Creative thinkers will always be in high demand. An art degree from NWU will allow you to take your creativity further, because we nurture thinkers.

We give you foundations in theory, composition, history and design. Combine that with our ample studio space, technology labs and driven professors, and you have the rich environment you need to take your creativity further.

And with a variety of campus exhibition spaces in Lucas Hall and Elder Gallery, our art department helps you showcase your best work.

Get amazing results.

You’ll learn more from our faculty. Most art degree programs lean heavily on graduate assistants to teach their courses. But professors teach 100 percent of your art courses. They’re professional educators, artists and historians whose number one priority is expanding your knowledge and creativity.

You’ll be exposed to the best artists working today. Our visiting artists do more than lecture. They meet one-on-one with undergraduates to talk technique. And NWU Art’s active Mixed Media Art Club leads trips to major galleries across the country. Recent destinations include Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City and New York.

You’ll get more breadth. Explore traditional media in painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. And learn the latest in areas like 3-D printing and digital media.

Art faculty

Our faculty of working professionals in their respective fields will help students learn and realize individual success in unexpected directions. We have internationally recognized artists/teachers who have shown at Clay Center of New Orleans, Baltimore Clayworks, Smithsonian Institution, The Block Museum, University of Colorado, University of Missouri, The Suburban in Oak Park and Milwaukee, Spencer Museum of Art, Museum of Nebraska Art, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, SoHo House London and Medellin Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the faculty includes a modern/contemporary art historian who has curated the works of Andy Warhol and is a published author and international speaker.


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    Sophomore art major receives Gilman Scholarship to study in UK


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    John Opera's works to be featured in Elder Gallery

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    Exhibit challenges common building materials

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    Professor of Art Lisa Lockman presented with Artistic Achievement Award

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    Two art professors curate more than a month of Spooky Evenings

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  • Nebraska Wesleyan junior Angel Geller will spend the spring semester in New Zealand where she will study art as well as create a self-published magazine that will reflect her experience as an UmonHon woman immersed in a different indigenous culture.

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