NWU Policies

Although Nebraska Wesleyan University seeks to maintain the most up-to-date policy online, policies are subject to change by the University and are updated periodically for accuracy, clarity, and alignment with best practices. For more information about a specific policy, contact the owner of the policy.


Information about acceptance of transfer credits
Tuberculosis testing requirement for international students
Tuition Exchange Import Policy
This policy describes the import and export of tuition exchange.
This policy describes tuition remission for staff.
This policy describes how the University‘s “Flextime Privilege” program works.
Official means of communication from the University to students
University compliance with laws mandating reporting of communicable diseases
This policy describes how vacation leave works for exempt staff (12 month).
This policy describes how vacation leave works for nonexempt staff.
Vaccination requirements by student category
This policy describes disciplinary action taken for employees who do not follow the "Worker's Compensation Accident Procedures".
Policies relating to the use of the Marian and Marion Weary Center for Health and Fitness
NWU is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website to people with disabilities.
This policy is to protect individuals from retaliation in the form of an adverse employment action for disclosing information which they believe shows certain unlawful or unethical practices.
This policy describes work breaks allowed for employees each day.
This policy allows employees to continue employment under a work release while serving their sentence.