Residency Policy

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Residency Policy

Residential Education
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Purpose of this policy

To promote a healthy and interconnected community among traditional undergraduate students.

Application of this policy

Full-time traditional undergraduate students

Policy statement

As a residential campus, it is the residency policy of Nebraska Wesleyan University that undergraduate students reside in approved on-campus living units for three years or six semesters not including summer terms.

  • All first year students must live in University-administered residential facilities.
  • Members of sororities or fraternities may reside in Greek houses meeting criteria for approved residential facilities during their third through sixth semesters.
Exemptions from this policy

Students may apply for an exception to this policy if:

  • they live with parents/guardians within 30 miles of the Nebraska Wesleyan campus;
  • have reached their 21st birthday prior to the start of the fall semester;
  • live with a spouse;
  • are enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours per semester as a part-time student; or
    have received a special exception from the Housing Exemption Committee for an extreme or emergency condition.

Such applications must be made using either the Commuter Student Form or the Housing Exceptions Form, available from the office of Residential Education.

Compliance with this policy

If a student's living arrangements are in violation of the residency policy, the student will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action. Violation of this policy does not excuse financial obligation to the University.


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