Student Rights in the Academic Context

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Policy title:

Student Rights in the Academic Context

Academic Affairs
Free Speech and Assembly
Administrative Council
Approved by:
Administrative Council
Purpose of this policy

To ensure students' rights to express ideas in an academic context.

Policy statement

Students are free to discuss and express all views relevant to the subject matter of a course, subject only to the responsibility of the instructor to maintain meaningful progress in the course. Students have the right to academic evaluation that is neither arbitrary nor capricious. Students have the right to expect faculty members not to disclose information given by students in confidence about their views, beliefs and/or political associations to faculty members in their roles as instructors, advisors, or counselors. Such information may only be disclosed under legal compulsion or with written permission of the student. Questions relating to intellectual or skills capacity are not subject to the confidentiality standard.

Exemptions from this policy

Where students' expressions in an academic context violate the Student Code of Conduct, the Student Code of Conduct takes priority.


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