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Parking Policy and Information

Nebraska Wesleyan University encourages the use of alternative transportation such as carpooling, city bus service and/or bicycling.

Enrolled full- and part-time students must display hang tags on all vehicles parked in NWU lots. Hang tags are provided to each student, and are delivered in student mailboxes at the beginning of each academic year. If you have not been provided a hang tag, contact the Physical Plant at (402) 465-2321.

With the exception of the 24-hour reserved lot located south of the Townhouse Village (lot 7) and the 24-hour reserved lot located north of Lucas Hall (lot 12), there is no fee for parking.

Nebraska Wesleyan University parking lots are designated with a sign near the lot entrance or on individual stall signs with a colored stripe or stripes. Lot or stall color corresponds with permitted hang tag color. Green is for students, gold for faculty/staff, blue for administration and burgundy for paid parking. Vehicles parked without the appropriate hang tag are subject to citation and/or towing.

Student parking only lots (GREEN):

  • lot 3 (south side of Huntington Avenue between 52nd and 53rd)
  • lot 9 (east of Centennial and Pioneer, west of the Suites)

Faculty/staff parking only lots (GOLD):

  • lot 2 (circle drive by the Theatre), lot 10 (south and east of the Student Center)
  • lot 17 (north side of Madison Avenue, west corner of 51st)
  • lot 13 (east side of 50th between St. Paul Avenue and Madison Avenue)
  • lot 14 (east side of 50th between Baldwin Avenue and Huntington Avenue)

Student/faculty/staff parking lots (GREEN, GOLD, BLUE, BURGUNDY):

  • lot 1 (south side of Huntington Avenue on the east corner of 50th)
  • lot 4 (south side of Huntington Avenue on the west corner of 54th)
  • lot 5 (south side of Huntington Avenue on the east corner of 54th)
  • lot 6 (north side of Huntington Avenue on the west corner of 56th)
  • lot 8 (north side of Madison Avenue between 54th and 56th)
  • lot 11 (north side of Madison Avenue between 52nd and 53rd)
  • lot 15 (north side of Huntington Avenue on the west corner of 50th)
  • lot 16 (east of 49th between Baldwin Avenue and St. Paul Avenue)

Paid parking only lots (BURGUNDY):

  • lot 7 (east side of 56th between Madison Avenue and St. Paul Avenue)
  • lot 12 (south side of Madison Avenue between 51st and 52nd)

NO PARKING areas are designated by signs, red curbs and/or hash lines.

Parking is prohibited in entrance driveways, parking lot drive through lanes, fire lanes, near fire hydrants, delivery drives or on sidewalks or grass. Parking in a manner which blocks other vehicles or street crossings is also prohibited.

Security personnel and/or Physical Plant staff are authorized to enforce the parking policy.

Parking violation tickets

Parking lots are monitored 24/7.

Tickets will be issued to improperly parked vehicles. This includes vehicles parked in lots without NWU hang tags, expired NWU hang tags, hang tags that are not visible, or that do not correspond with the lot or space designation. Tickets may also be issued for vehicles parked in a fire lane or handicap space without proper permit, in a reserved/assigned space, or for parking over the line or taking two spaces.

Vehicles may receive a citation every 24 hours until the violation is corrected.

Handicap space violations carry a $100.00 fine. All other violations carry a $25.00 fine. Fire lane violations carry a $25.00 fine and may result in an immediate tow. Fines will be added to NWU student/employee accounts as applicable. Payment can be made at the Business Office window.

Towing policy

Vehicles may be towed for parking in a fire lane or handicap space, blocking another vehicle, parking in a prohibited space, or having three (3) unpaid tickets. University personnel are not required to contact the vehicle owner prior to towing.

Note: Once a vehicle is hooked to the tow truck, it will be removed. If the owner arrives before the tow truck leaves, they may be able to pay the tow bill and the driver will leave it.

Towed vehicles will be taken to Capital Towing, 101 Charleston Street, Lincoln, 68508. (402) 477-7676.
Capital Towing is a 24 hour service and accepts cash or bank card only.

NWU is not involved in the towing, storing, or release of vehicles, and assumes no liability for vehicles.