Students play flag football at night.
Intramural Sports


Mary Yori
Intramural Sports Director
Weary Center 167
(402) 465-2381

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports help hard-working students to keep active and fit, meet classmates and blow off steam. Have fun competing in the sports you love.

The sports NWU offers vary from semester to semester, but you can count on the basics as well as more eclectic options. Many sports offer competitive and “just for fun” leagues.

Intramural Sports Handbook and General Policies

Review NWU’s Intramural Sports Handbook (PDF) and General Policies (PDF) to learn more.

Registering to play

New players can read detailed registration instructions (PDF).

Already have an account? Log in at and join a team now.

Need a team to join? Sign up as a free agent. If a team needs players, it can request for you to join. The free agent list will be announced during captains’ meetings.

Each team must have a representative at captains’ meetings. (That representative need not be the team captain.) Teams that fail to attend are charged with a forfeit.


All intramural sports are free with the single exception of broomball. There is a $50 team fee for broomball because we offer that sport in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Coed competition

NWU offers both single-sex and coed teams in many sports.


Inclement weather sometimes forces cancellations. These are typically posted on NWU’s Intramural Sports Facebook page and by 4 p.m. (On rare occasions, changing conditions force later cancellations.)

Team absences

If too few players from a team arrive to compete without giving notice, the team will be charged with a forfeit (sportsmanship rating: 0).

Teams that notify the intramural director by noon on game day receive a default (sportsmanship rating: 4).

Two defaults equal a forfeit, and two forfeits trigger league disqualification.


League champions win bragging rights and coveted Intramural Championship T-shirts. (It isn’t the Stanley Cup, but they’re cool nonetheless.)

Employment opportunities

Student workers supervise, officiate and keep score at intramural competitions. Learn more about NWU’s Campus Employment Program.