Faculty/Staff Resources

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Cooper Center

Cochrane-Woods Library, Rm 101
(402) 465-2326

Summer Writing Support

Dr. Hayes is available to graduate students for writing consultations by appointment. Click on "Schedule an Appointment" to access her calendar.

Faculty/Staff Resources

The Cooper Center is not just for students—we collaborate with NWU faculty and staff too! We can provide a variety of educational options for both you and your classroom.

 In-Class Presentations and Workshops

Connect your students to the resources available through the Cooper Center by scheduling an in-class presentation or workshop. Popular topics include study skills, choosing your audience, citations and references, critical thinking skills, personal reflection, and more. Visit our Cooper Center Detailed Workshop List for more details. You can also easily Schedule a Class Presentation through our Bookings link.

  Workshops and Seminars

If you’re looking for faculty training, the Cooper Center teaches a variety of workshops and seminars catered to your needs. From writing across the curriculum to incorporating writing techniques into your syllabus, the Cooper Center offers professional development opportunities with content that easily integrates into your course material and philosophy.

  Subject-matter Peer Tutoring Options

The Cooper Center offers undergraduate peer tutoring in a variety of discipline-specific subjects. These include: Accounting, Biochemistry, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Math, Modern Languages, Music Theory and Musicianship, Nursing, and Physics. In addition, writing tutors consult on writing projects for undergraduate and graduate projects across disciplines, including Archway papers, research papers, and scholarship and grant applications.

 Program Engagement

The Cooper Center offers two interactive programs each semester where students can come to work with others on writing and studying for their courses. The Write-A-Thon centers writing as a process. Students write, revise, and seek feedback from the faculty, staff, and trained Cooper Center peer tutor roving writers. The Study-A-Thon emphasizes the practice of studying, and promotes study skills and discipline-specific learning through focused programming. Cooper Center peer tutors are available to answer questions about their disciplines and encourage collaborative learning.

 Advisory Board

The Cooper Center Advisory Board (CCAB) is comprised of 9 to 12 faculty and staff members, and 3 student representatives. The board meets four times per year to assist Cooper Center staff with program initiatives and provide strategic insight. Each faculty/staff representative serves a two-year term, while student terms are one year in length.

 Canvas Module

The Instructional Design Team has included the Cooper Center Module in Canvas Blueprint. This module provides an overview of the Cooper Center, why students should consider adding collaborative learning to their schedule, and also describes how to make an appointment ​with our online scheduling system.