SECURITY ALERT: Financial scam originating from compromised NWU account


CSIT has been made aware of a new instance of a financial scam being distributed to NWU mailboxes.  While we have warned about messages of this type previously, the fact that the message originates from a compromised NWU account may lend it some legitimacy and, so, has prompted this warning.

The message being distributed has the Subject line “Part-time Job Offer”.  The body of the message promises the opportunity of a job paying $450 per week while working at your convenience from home or campus.  The position is styled as a personal assistant or book keeper.  An embedded link in the document directs respondents to a Google Docs document and invites sending a resume to a non-NWU account (Gmail) not obviously connected to the sender address.  Finally, the signature on the message presents it as coming from or approved by an NWU office which does not exist.

Should you receive such an email message, please delete it immediately and do not respond or follow the provided links.  If you have already responded, we recommend breaking off any further contacts related to the message.