Alert for Yahoo mail app and NWU Office 365 accounts


We have been alerted by Microsoft – via the Office 365 administrative console – that they have confirmed user reports of unexpected deletion of user email messages and has determined that the Yahoo mail app has been performing the deletions without user input.  That is, if Microsoft Office 365 users are checking the Office 365 mailboxes using the Yahoo mail app, they risk the unexpected deletion of email messages.  Yahoo has acknowledged the issue and is working the update their app to prevent any further such occurrences and, until they complete their work, Yahoo has disabled Exchange Online sync.

Yahoo’s statement regarding the issue can be referenced at Messages deleted from Exchange Linked Accounts | Yahoo Help - SLN36525 .

If you use the Yahoo mail app to check your NWU Office 365 mail and know that you have experienced some deleted messages, it may be possible to recover them. However, we continue to recommend that our faculty, staff and students use only supported email clients to access their NWU Office 365 accounts.