We Can Expand Access for Low-income Nebraskans

Access NWU Scholarship

As the nation reels from this pandemic, experts at EducationQuest have noted a drop in low-income families submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This decline suggests more students from low-income homes are delaying or abandoning their college plans. This trend is concerning for the predictable impact it has on students’ lifelong income potential.

(You can track trends in federal student aid using Form Your Future’s FAFSA tracking resource.)

Nebraska Wesleyan University is committed to giving low-income Nebraskans full access to a high-quality college experience. One important tool in this effort is our Access NWU Scholarship Program.

The Access NWU Scholarship Program fully funds tuition through federal, state and NWU merit-based and need-based aid for Nebraska first-time, first-year students who qualify for the federal Pell Grant. The program also serves most students whose family adjusted gross incomes are at or below $60,000.

Regardless of a family’s income or home state, NWU’s comprehensive academic scholarships and need-based aid make the value of a private education highly affordable.

The personal attention that all NWU students receive is especially valuable to those who are overcoming socioeconomic barriers. NWU is particularly effective at addressing disparities because we provide the personal supports that help students thrive as they make up lost ground.

We work with countless families who tell us they nearly didn’t bother to inquire about NWU—because they assumed there was simply no way for them to get here. There is a way. And when your counseling shines a light on that path for your students—you help transform their lives for the better.

Encourage your students to apply to Nebraska Wesleyan University and see for themselves just how accessible a high-quality college experience can be.

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