Virtual Visits that Keep It Real

virtual visit

If your students have taken more than a couple virtual college tours recently, they know the drill. The reason most virtual college visits feel so cookie-cutter is because they are.

Hundreds upon hundreds of colleges and universities across the country use the same company’s template for their tours. And because this tool is designed to work for every school—the campus tours all wind up feeling the same.

Nebraska Wesleyan University offers your students something very different. On an NWU virtual tour, students and families can interact with a live ambassador at every point. We also connect your students to more live conversations with NWU professors, coaches and directors based on their academic and extracurricular interests.

The result is a warm, high-quality experience that reflects Nebraska Wesleyan’s core value of personal attention to students.

We know your students have been through so much during the pandemic. And many of the personal aspects of learning and growing have simply been pulled out of their daily experiences. But the world is about to open back up. And their success from here will hinge on how well their college experiences set them up to thrive again.

That’s why personal attention matters so much at NWU. And it’s why we put personal attention front and center for everyone who visits.

Did you know?

Every student who makes an official campus visit—either virtually or in-person—automatically qualifies for Nebraska Wesleyan University’s $1,000 Campus Visit Grant.

Encourage your students to earn their grant by scheduling a visit today.

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