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NWU Now Offers Test-optional Scholarships

NWU Now Offers Test-optional Scholarships

  • Male student in the foreground at a desk writing. Students at desks in the background.
  • Male student in the foreground at a desk writing. Students at desks in the background.

Nebraska Wesleyan University launched its test-optional admission option a few years ago. We started it because research shows us a GPA earned over years of coursework is more predictive of students’ academic success than a single test score.

This year, as many students were unable to take the ACT or SAT, several colleges and universities responded with similar admission policies. That’s good news—both for those students who couldn’t take the test, and for those whose scores may not reflect their true ability.

Meanwhile, Nebraska Wesleyan University has taken its policy a vital step further. In addition to test-optional admission, NWU now offers test-optional academic scholarships.

Students now have the ability to qualify for generous academic scholarships based on their high school GPA alone, or their high school GPA in combination with an ACT or SAT score.

Here’s how it works.

NWU academic scholarships
Scholarship Annual amount OPTION I: GPA-only criteria OPTION II: ACT/SAT and GPA criteria
Board of Governors $20,000 4.0+ ACT composite 30+ (SAT 1360+) and GPA 3.75+
Presidents $18,000 3.75-3.99 ACT composite 27-29 (SAT 1260-1350) and GPA 3.5+
Black & Gold $16,000 3.5-3.74 ACT composite 24-26 (SAT 1160-1250) and GPA 3.0+
Nebraska Strong* $15,000 3.25-3.49 ACT composite 20-23 (SAT 1030-1150) and GPA 3.0+

*Students who do not meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply and, if admitted, would receive the Nebraska Strong Scholarship.

Do you have students who are anxious about canceled tests or scores that don’t reflect their strengths? Let them know about NWU’s test-optional admission AND test-optional academic scholarship model.

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