December 1 deadline for NWU’s full-ride scholarship

Huge inductees

Harry ('59) and Reba Huge (center) has provided Nebraska Wesleyan students scholarships to pursue their dream of earning a degree in their field of choice since 2007.

Yes, Nebraska Wesleyan’s Huge-NWU Scholarship is a “huge” award. But that’s not how you say it. At NWU, “Huge” rhymes with “you bee,” as in Harry and Reba Huge, the philanthropists who created Nebraska Wesleyan University’s top academic scholarship.

The Huge-NWU Scholarship awards academic excellence in all fields. Huge scholars are often defined by high levels of community and school engagement more than by pristine GPAs.

Do you know engaged and critical thinkers who would thrive at NWU? Encourage them to pursue this excellent opportunity. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, fees and room and board over four years at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

On top of the “full-ride” Huge-NWU Scholarships, the university now offers additional awards to all finalists and semifinalists. All semifinalists receive renewable $1,000 awards and all finalists receive renewable $4,000 awards. And each recipient is inducted into the Nebraska Wesleyan University chapter of the Huge Scholars Society—a powerful network of gifted students and successful alumni.

These Huge awards stack together with our generous acceptance grants, Campus Visit Grant, academic scholarships and other scholarships to increase the value of a Nebraska Wesleyan education.

To be considered for the Huge-NWU Scholarship, students must apply for admission to NWU and complete this scholarship application by December 1.

Encourage your students to learn more about Nebraska Wesleyan University and the Huge-NWU Scholarship.