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Xtreme Rat Challenge

The Xtreme Rat Challenge is the final demonstration project for students in NWU's Basic Learning Principles class. While in lecture, students study the intricacies of behaviorist learning theories, in lab they are able to directly apply this information. They may experiment with timing, types of reinforcers and techniques.

How It Works

Each student is assigned a rat at the beginning of the semester. They take some time to get to know their rats and begin with standard magazine and lever training in the operant chamber. Through magazine training, the rat associates the sound of the dispenser with the presentation of food. Then using this sound as a positive reinforcer, the student shapes the rat's behavior until it reliably presses the lever to receive the reinforcer. With both the rats and the students now familiar with simple classical and operant conditioning techniques, the students may begin shaping their rats' behaviors to perform the tasks of the challenge.


Xtreme Rat Challenge

NWU psychology students in the Basic Learning Principles class train a rat for their final demonstration project for the hugely popular Xtreme Rat Challenge.