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Philosophy Careers

What Can I Do with a Philosophy Degree?

Businesses are often very receptive to philosophy majors because of their rigorous mental training and problem solving capabilities. There are also numerous careers in management and sales in which philosophy majors will find themselves welcome. While many famous people have philosophy degrees—Pres. Bill Clinton, Rev. Martin Luther King and George Soros, for example—they all furthered their education to gain specific marketable skills.

Graduate Studies

An undergraduate degree in philosophy can provide a background for graduate study in religion, education, law, history, literature, rhetoric, history, etc. Law school will draw upon many of the skills you gain in philosophy studies, such as the ability to read difficult and closely argued written material quickly and to extract the main line of argument. The job market in academic philosophy is very tight, even if you obtain a Ph.D.

Job Opportunities

Philosophy majors are particularly adept at critical thinking, negotiating and clearly expressing complex ideas. Depending on their specific skills, experience and interests, philosophy majors may pursue a variety of career paths. Adding a dual major or a marketable minor (accounting, marketing, human resources, political science, international affairs, legal studies, etc.) to your studies will multiply the opportunities available to you.

  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Sales Representative
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • PR/Communications Specialist
  • Fund Raiser
  • Public Sector Manager
  • Journalist
  • Corporate Ethics Adviser
  • Negotiator