What can I do with a philosophy and religion degree?

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What can I do with a philosophy and religion degree?

Our major and minor programs blend both religious studies and philosophy. We give you the flexibility to create a program that fits your interests and goals. Focus on religious studies, philosophy or a blend of both.

Our program prepares you for strong, upward career paths. According to research.com, 57% of leaders value soft, people skills more than hard skills. Another study shows that 85% of career success is based on these soft skills.

A philosophy and religion degree will develop the skills you need to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing economic landscape. Philosophy and religion majors make a median annual income of $77,610 (research.com) and are found in a variety of professions.

  • Legal careers
    Problem solving and reasoning skills prepare students for legal careers. Philosophy and religion majors routinely score highly on the LSAT. Not interested in law school. Problem solving, teamwork, collaboration, reasoning, and communication skills are just as valuable for paralegals and legal secretaries.
  • Health care
    More and more medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools are seeking candidates with not only the necessary hard, science skills but also the soft, people skills necessary for treating the whole patient. Philosophy and religion is an ideal second major for well-rounded STEM students.
  • Business management
    Businesses are about people: employees, customers, suppliers. Problem solving, decision making, teamwork, collaboration and communication are skills crucial for success in business—especially at the managerial level.
  • Nonprofit organizing
    Teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills are crucial for organizing people for the public good.
  • Graduate school
    NWU alumni are routinely accepted into philosophy and religious studies MA programs.