Chemistry Student Awards

The following students were honored with special awards:

George H. Coleman Award - presented annually to a junior or senior student who best exemplified a love of chemistry, high academic achievement, interest in research and concern for the betterment of humankind.

2015-16 Adam Braegelman
2014-15 Sean Tomes
2014-15 Addie Voss
2013-14 Brittney Dinkel
2013-14 Kaitlin Weskamp

Polymer Chemistry Award - outstanding performance in Organic Chemistry courses

2015-16 An Ho
2014-15 Cody Schilling
2013-14 Adam Braegelman

ACS Senior Organic Award - senior recognized for outstanding achievement in Organic Chemistry

2015-16 Adam Braegelman
2013-14 Brittney Dinkel

CRC Press Award - outstanding performance in first year Chemistry

2015-16 Dan Novinski
2015-16 Karrie Sestak
2015-16 Kylie Sestak
2015-16 Amy Wahlmeier
2014-15 Jacey Hain
2014-15 Dalton Hegeholz
2013-14 Cody Schilling