Chemistry Careers

Chemistry’s centrality in our world makes it an ideal major for science-related job seekers. While many of our students pursue professional health school opportunities (medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.), these options are by no means the only choices out there.

To get started, visit the American Chemical Society's website to view career advice, salary information, job seeking advice and more.

What can I do right now?

Start a career folder. Gather information that interests you. What areas seem especially hot?

Sign up for summer research. Undergraduate research experience can help you stand out and teach you about new career areas.

Work on your communication. Your grasp of the sciences won’t mean much if you can’t articulate what you know. Take plenty of English and communication courses. Visit the Cooper Center for additional help.

Be a leader. Be active on campus. Lead volunteer efforts. Build a new program. These experiences will build your résumé and improve your organization skills.

Network. Visit the Career Center. Take personality and interest tests. Connect with professional alumni. Attend ACS meetings. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.