Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing

The Nebraska Wesleyan University Post Master's Certificate in Nursing program prepares nurses and nurse practitioners having an MSN degree to be a Nurse Educator or a Nurse Leader. With an MSN degree and the post master's certificate in nursing certificate, you can work in research, public health, and advanced levels of nursing administration, as well as a nurse educator.

As a teacher you may work at community colleges and universities. Nurse educators combine clinical skills and knowledge together with their passion for teaching future nurses.

Our highly qualified faculty makes personal attention to students an integral part of the certificate program.


The mission of the Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing program is to provide students with the advanced knowledge and practical techniques they will need to serve in their chosen fields of interest: one focusing on the nurse as educator and one on the nurse as leader. The certificate program also prepares students for the challenges of modern nursing through its overall emphasis on trans-cultural nursing, ethics, research and the application of knowledge and skills in a practice setting.

Admission Requirements

  • MSN from an ACEN-, CCNE- or CNEA-accredited nursing program 
  • A masters degree in nursing with courses completed in research and health care, transcultural health care, concepts and theories in nursing, and critical issues in health care 
  • Complete online Graduate Application for Admission

Course Listings

Class Schedule

Nebraska Wesleyan University offers an accelerated program designed for adults. Eight-week sessions, conducted one day a week in Lincoln and Omaha, are geared to your busy schedule. All application materials are due to NWU three weeks before the eight-week-session start date.

See Class Schedule.

NURS 5010 Professional Communication in Nursing (1 hour)

This course includes experiences and instruction that promote professional communication. Content includes correct utilization of the American Psychological Association (APA) style, construction of professional papers and emails, and using common presentation software. This course is designed to be taken either concurrently or before the first nursing course in which the student is enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

NURS 5400 Nursing Leadership and Management I (3 hours)

This course examines the multiple roles of the nurse executive in a variety of health care organizations, including long term care, community based care, hospitals and larger integrated delivery systems. Students develop knowledge in the area of health care regulations and accreditation including the impact of technology in the health care environment.
Prerequisite(s): NURS 5050 Research and Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Health Care and NURS 5100 Transcultural Health Care, or permission of Nursing Department Chair or Program Director.

NURS 5410 Economic Policy in Health Care System (3 hours)

This course provides basic knowledge of macro- and micro-economics and their relationship to the health care system in the United States. Concepts associated with supply and demand, normative and positive economics, utility, scarcity, choice, and marginality are explored in terms of the health care system. The concept of health as an investment opportunity and as a consumer good is also explored. In addition, the United States health care system is studied from an economic point of view. Economic decision making in light of professional ethics is emphasized.
Prerequisite(s): NURS 5400 Nursing Leadership and Management I.

NURS 5420 Finance and Accounting in Health Care System (3 hours)

This course provides an overview of the concepts of financial analysis, financial and managerial accounting, and budgetary practices as they relate to the health care industry. Accounting concepts are understood with the assistance of electronic spreadsheet applications. Financial concepts are understood through the analysis of both for-profit and not-for-profit corporate accounting and public reporting.
Prerequisite(s): NURS 5400 Nursing Leadership and Management I.

NURS 5460 Nursing Leadership and Management II (3 hours)

This course examines the leadership role of the nurse executive in a variety of health care organizations. Content includes leadership theories, motivation, conflict resolution, workforce planning, implementing planned change and effective administration of culturally diverse health care systems.
Prerequisite(s): NURS 5400 Nursing Leadership and Management I.

NURS 5490 Nurse as Entrepreneur (3 hours)

This course presents information needed by a nurse entrepreneur to develop innovative forms of nursing practice and care delivery. Emphasis is placed on acquiring skills to develop a nursing business plan, including financial and legal components. Implementation of risk management and total quality improvement plans within the role of the small business setting are also covered.
Prerequisite(s): NURS 5410 Economic Policy in Health Care System and NURS 5420 Finance and Accounting in Health Care System.