Prestigious Scholarships

Undergraduate Tuition, Fees and Books

Scholarship Degree/Career Eligibility NWU Faculty Advisor Length Value Deadline
Goldwater Sciences, Mathematics Sophomore, Junior Gary Gerald 1-2 years $7,500 annually January
Udall Sciences, Environment Sophomore, Junior Lisette Torres 1 year $5,000 annually February
NOAA/Hollings Sciences, Mathmatics, Education Sophomore, Junior Jerry Bricker 9 months up to $8,000 January


International Study

Scholarship Degree/Career Eligibility NWU Faculty Advisor Length Value Deadline
Boren Critical Languages and National Security Sophomore, Junior, Senior Kelly Bauer summer, semester, full year up to $20,000 February
Critical Language Any (Language may be required) Any Cathy Nelson 7-10 weeks program costs* November
Freeman-ASIA Award Any Any; Need-based Steve Wills summer; 1-2 semesters up to $5,000 semester/ $7,000 year January
Fulbright Any, Teaching English Senior (Language may be required) Kelly Bauer 1 year program costs* October
US-UK Fulbright Summer Institutes Any First year, Sophomore Gerise Herndon 3 weeks program costs* March
Fulbright Canada Killam Scholarships Any Any Kelly Bauer 1-2 semesters $5,000 per semester January
Gilman Any (Language may be required) Pell Grant recipient Gerise Herndon, Cathy Nelson summer or semester up to $5,000 October, March
JET Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Any, Teaching English Senior Yuko Yamada 1 year program costs* October


Graduate Study (Some International)

Scholarship Degree/Career Eligibility NWU Faculty Advisor Length Value Deadline
British Marshall Any Senior Cathy Nelson 2 years University program costs* October
Davies-Jackson (Cambridge) Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Senior (First in family to graduate college) Cathy Nelson 2 years $50,000; Cambridge B.A. degree November
Gates (Cambridge) Any Liberal Arts major Senior Cathy Nelson 2-3 years Full university costs* October
George Mitchell (Ireland) Any Senior Cathy Nelson 1 year Full university costs* September
James Madison History, Education, Political Science Senior Patrick Hayden-Roy 2 years $24,000 March
NFS Graduate Research Fellowship STEM Senior Austin Mohr 3 years graduate study $34,000 October
Rhodes (Oxford) Any Liberal Arts major Senior Gerise Herndon 2-3 years up to $50,000 October
Soros Any New American; Senior, Post-Grad Sarah Kelen 2 years up to $90,000 November
Thomas Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Foreign Affairs Junior, Senior Gerise Herndon 2 years $37,500 January
Truman Leadership, Public Service Junior Gerise Herndon, Catherine Nelson Final year undergrad; several years graduate $30,000 February


*More information available regarding covered costs