Academic Resources Available

Many academic resources are available to help your student succeed at Nebraska Wesleyan University. 

  • Candice Howell is the Director of Student Success and Retention. In her role Candice is available to meet and discuss students’ academic status and progress, and help develop an achievable action plan to meet their academic expectations. Her office is located on the third floor of the Cochrane-Woods Library.
  • The Cooper Center for Academic Resources is located inside the library and is staffed by faculty and trained student consultants who provide assistance with writing and speaking projects, study skills and supplemental instruction.
  • Visit professors. Personal attention to students is a core value that we take very seriously at Nebraska Wesleyan. Over the next couple of weeks professors will submit mid-semester progress reports (downslips) as appropriate. Downslips in most cases do not mean a student is failing. They may be used for a student who has poor attendance, earned low exam scores, or has missed a significant amount of homework. Downslips are an important tool for faculty to communicate to students and they provide yet another opportunity for students to meet with their professors to discuss their progress. Professors are eager to see students succeed.
  • Utilize the Career and Counseling Center, Student Health Services, residence life coordinators, peer assistants, coaches and Student Life staff. Together our campus community works to ensure students have a positive Nebraska Wesleyan experience.