Carol Joy Holling Camp

Agency name
Carol Joy Holling Camp
Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, 27416 Ranch Rd.
Dave Coker
Mission or agency description

Carol Joy Holling Camp is a summer camp for all age youth during the summer months, and a retreat site during the school year.  We do not have a set service learning program, but we are always in need of volunteers.  There are opportunities in a variety of settings from maintenance and grounds work, retreat hosting, office support, special projects, and help at events that we host.  We haven’t been using volunteers in the Jay Novicki program (program for youth and adults with disabilities), but if that is an interest, we can make that work as well.

Volunteer Contact
Contact name
Katherine Albin
Available projects
Job description

This does vary depending on the time of the year.  There is almost always maintenance and grounds work that can be done.  As listed above there is also opportunities for retreat hosting, office support, event help, or special projects.

Background check required?
"It depends on the type of work the volunteer is doing.  Generally those working with children, or are working without supervision need background checks.  "
Required training?
The volunteer is trained for whatever task they are doing.  The amount of training also varies on the type of work being done.  We do not currently have scheduled formal trainings.
Orientation requested?
Yes - if seen as a site that would be a good partner, or if you have more questions about opportunities