Library OCLC Authentication Change: Effective 5/11/2021


On Tuesday, 5/11/2021, there will be a change to the way in which NWU faculty, staff and students logon to their library accounts for access to library search resources.  The changes to the library (or OCLC) login will mirror those changes already announced for login to Digication being made on the same day.

s for NWU faculty, staff and students are currently controlled by credentials which are maintained by CSIT in a service called LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).   However, CSIT is in the process of retiring LDAP and migrating services which use it for authentication to other identity providers.

On Tuesday, 5/11, you will login to your library account using your NWU Office 365 username and password.  If you are already logged into Office 365 in your web browser and click on the OCLC link there, you will be automatically directed into the library search site.  If you are logging in from the NWU library login page, you will be redirected to the familiar Office 365 login prompt.  Enter your NWU Office 365 credentials and you will be returned to your library account.

Note that only your OCLC  login is impacted by this change.  The content of the OCLC account will remain just as it is.