ALERT: Scheduled maintenance for campus wireless network.


CSIT has schedule two maintenance windows for the purpose of updating the firmware on the campus’ wireless network arrays.

The first maintenance operation will take place on Friday, 3/5-6, and will impact NWU’s classroom and administrative buildings.  Beginning at 10:00pm on 3/5 and ending at about 3:00am on 3/6.  During this period, we will transmit updated firmware to groups of wireless arrays and reboot the arrays to allow the new firmware to be loaded.  As the process completes for one group of arrays, it will be launched for the next until all groups have completed the update.  Wireless network services will be interrupted by this process only while the arrays are rebooting; the complete reboot process typically requires only about 3-5 minutes.

The second maintenance operation will take place on Saturday, 3/13, and will impact residence halls, suites, townhouses and apartments on the NWU network.  This operation will begin at 2:00am on 3/13 and is expected to be completed by about 5:15am.  The same process will be followed for this operation with arrays being updated and rebooted in groups and each group completing before the next begins.

Thanks for your patience.