Community Engagement and Resources

About Community Engagement and Resources

The office of Community Engagement and Resources supports experiential learning both in and out of the classroom. We work with faculty and students to integrate hands-on work with non-profit and governmental agencies with academic learning. By incorporating meaningful work in the community with instruction and reflection activities, the learning is enriched. The work is reciprocal partnership, providing students the opportunity to engage in civic responsibility and application of coursework concepts while fulfilling a need in a local agency and strengthening the surrounding community.

The office of Community Engagement and Resources also provides:

  • Coordination of Lend-A-Hand to Lincoln day of service during new student orientation week
  • Work study opportunities in local non-profits for FAFSA qualified students
  • Events for our surrounding partnership schools—Dawes Middle School and Huntington Elementary
  • Coordination of Nebraska National History Day program statewide
  • Resources for service activities through Greek Life and academic clubs

Community Engagement Opportunities

If you ...

  • are exploring options for your community engagement project for a course you are taking, or
  • need philanthropy hours for a scholarship, club, or Greek organization, or
  • are looking for way to give back to your community, or

  • want to make an impact on a community issue that is important to you

the Community Engagement and Resources office will work with you to make the connection for projects in the community through non-profit service agencies whether you will volunteer occasionally or commit to regular service hours. Feel free to browse through our listing of community partners and contact the ssorenso [at] (Community Engagement and Resources office) for assistance.

Community Partners

The local community provides rich learning opportunities for NWU students. Search our list of local non-profit agencies whom NWU has developed a relationship with. The Community Engagement and Resources office is open to exploring new opportunities, contact Shari Sorenson at ssorenso [at] if you have an idea or agency that is not listed.


End-of-Semester Survey

At the end of the semester, students are asked to complete a quick survey to give the Community Engagement and Resources office feedback on their experience and track the number of hours Nebraska Wesleyan students give to the community. Here's where you can take the Community Engagement and Resources Survey.

Faculty Resources

Community engagement is an excellent way to give students an opportunity to apply academic constructs to real community needs. Volunteering or creating a project can provide a new level of excitement and engagement resulting in a more profound understanding and retention of material. Use the office of Community Engagement and Resources in determining agencies and innovative approaches to develop a reciprocal project for your course. The office of Community Engagement and Resources will also work with you in setting up Digication templates and Canvas modules. Contact Shari Sorenson at ssorenso [at]

At the end of the semester, please provide information on the experiential learning component for your course.

As a service to faculty, the Community Engagement and Resources office provides a list of past agency and Nebraska Wesleyan collaborations with professor contact information to facilitate sharing of best practices.

Lend-a-Hand to Lincoln

The Community Engagement and Resources office coordinates “Lend-A-Hand to Lincoln,” an organized day of service in August that gives new students an opportunity to get acquainted with the Lincoln community through service to non-profit organizations or work within the neighborhood in preparation for a community event. Agencies who would like their agency considered for Lend-a-Hand are asked to give contact information and a short description of the work via this survey: Lend-A-Hand - Interested Participant