Lisa Wilkinson, Ph.D.

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Lisa Wilkinson, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
Office location

Old Main 205

Office hours

MWF 11-12, and tbd


A native of the northeast, Dr. Wilkinson came to NWU from the southeast in 2002. Since then she has published two books, Parmenides and To Eon: Reconsidering Muthos and Logos (Bloomsbury, 2009), Socratic Charis: Philosophy without the Agon (Lexington, 2013), and is working on Plato's Stranger: Socrates and the Hospitality of Philosophy, which explores necessary and sufficient conditions for democratic thought and behavior based upon Plato's positioning of "Socrates" as the essential "other" throughout the dialogues.


PhD Philosophy 2002, University of South Florida

Courses taught

Introduction to Philosophy; Critical Thinking; Logic; Social and Political Philosophy; Radical Philosophies; Feminist Theories; Philosophy of Education; Design Labs; Perspectives in Gender; Ancient Philosophy; Philosophies of Race and Gender

Research and academic interests

Socratic Charis: Philosophy without the Agon (Lexington, 2013)
Parmenides and To Eon: Reconsidering Muthos and Logos (Continuum, 2009)

Professional and community affiliations, certifications and awards


Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy; American Foundation of Greek Language and Culture; Society of Women in Philosophy; National Women's Studies Association; American Philosophical Association; American Association of University Professors


NWU Faculty Scholar; Diversity Advocate award; Holder award; Ameritas Fellowships