Jonathan Redding, Ph.D.

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Jonathan Redding, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Religion
Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Protestant Christian Theology
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Old Main 309

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Tuesday and Thursday 11 AM-1 PM

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." - Thomas Jefferson

"The men who create power make an indispensable contribution to the nation’s greatness, but the men who question power make a contribution just as indispensable, especially when that questioning is disinterested, for they determine whether we use power or power uses us." - John F. Kennedy


Born and raised in North Carolina (and educated a bit there, too).

Completed graduate work at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Loves all things Nebraska Wesleyan, including plays, art shows, athletic events, and much more. If students do it, I want to find a way to support it!




Biography of a Dream: A Reception-Historical Study of the Fourth Beast in Daniel 7 (Gorgias Press, 2021)

One Nation Under Graham: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and American Exceptionalism (Baylor University Press, 2021)


B.A. - Wingate University

M.Div. - Wake Forest University

Ph.D. - Vanderbilt University

Courses taught

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Old Testament

New Testament

Apocalyptic Imagination

The Life and Times of Jesus

The Life and Letters of Paul

Christian Theology

Religion, Peace, and Social Justice

World Religions

Science and Religion - First-Year Writing             

Science and Religion in the Western Tradition   

Jews and Christians

Archway Seminar



Research and academic interests

The Book of Daniel

The Book of Revelation

Biblical Interpretation

History of Interpretation

Service interests

Forum Committee Chair

Member - Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Thread Coordinator - Science and Religion Thread

Faculty Advisor - Blue Key Academic Honors Society

Faculty Advisor - PRIDE Alliance 

Professional and community affiliations, certifications and awards

Awards and Achievements

-Faculty Scholarship Award (2020-2021 Academic Year). Given by Nebraska Wesleyan University, April 2021.

-Dr. Margaret J. Prouty Faculty Teaching Award (2017-2018 Academic Year). Given by Nebraska Wesleyan University, April 2018.

-Certificate in College Teaching. Given by the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching, April 2015.

-The Biblical Languages Award. Awarded by the Wake Forest School of Divinity, May 2012.

-Student Presenter Award. Awarded by the Society of Biblical Literature Central States Regional Conference. Paper: "Facing Reality: Interpreting Connections between the Spiritual Conversions of Gilgamesh in the Epic of Gilgamesh and Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4,” March 2011.

-Fred H. Allen Award for Christian Leadership and Service. Awarded by Wingate University, May 2009.

-Undergraduate Achievement Award. Awarded by the Theta Alpha Kappa chapter at Wingate University, April 2009. 

-Excellence in Religious Studies. Awarded by Wingate University, April 2009.

-Excellence in New Testament Greek. Awarded by Wingate University, April 2009.