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Eric Wendt

Writer and Editor
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Smith-Curtis 330

Eric usually leaves a little early on Wednesdays for family reasons.


Eric has nothing personal against teaching, but hasn't done it professionally for several years now. His former students thank him for his ongoing discipline in that regard.

Eric is originally from Milford, Neb. He graduated from NWU in 1999, a fact that makes telling the stories of the university's students, staff, faculty and alumni in Archways magazine a lot easier.

He is a bike-riding bibliophile with a taste for food that is approximately as discriminating as a bear's in late fall. His wife and children are all beyond description in their vivacity and good humor.

As an editor, he is particularly adept at taking, long, flabby, wandering sentences and, through feats of wisdom and technical craft, honing them expertly into sparse, efficient, gleaming little accomplishments.

In other words, he shortens long sentences.

He has a BA in art and English from NWU and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota.

He once taught some creative writing courses and a particularly mean section of multiculti lit.

He carries a 0/0 teaching load like there's nothing to it.

Eric is on a pretty strong Peter Carey kick right now. His internal monologue often sounds a lot like Ned Kelly.

Eric serves at the whim of university administrators and family members, mostly. He has a soft spot for charity bike rides (with a drawer full of T-shirts to prove it) and dreams of one day accompanying GSL someplace off the beaten path.

Eric is a member of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and occasionally receives approving nods from them at the district level.