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NOTE: Tuition statements will be available for viewing on WebAdvisor by early August 2016.

View your tuition statement on WebAdvisor

The Business Office is responsible for the billing and collection of students' charges at Nebraska Wesleyan University. You will not receive a tuition and fees billing statement in the mail. Students have quick and easy access to account information any time of the day through WebAdvisor. Payment for tuition and fees is due by the end of the fifth school day of the semester for full-time students.

E-mail your tuition statement to your parents

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Student Accident Insurance

Every full time student is automatically enrolled in the University provided Student Accident Insurance plan. This policy is a supplemental policy and provides $1,000 coverage for certain accidents that might occur while you are a student at Nebraska Wesleyan University. To obtain a detailed brochure on the coverage, visit the Student Health Insurance Information page.