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Nursing Department
Brittney Fritzinger
Nursing Department Chair and MSN Program Director
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Traditional BSN Outcomes

Students graduating from the NWU Traditional BSN Nursing Program will be able to meet the following competencies:

  1. Function as a baccalaureate generalist practitioner by translating, integrating and applying concepts and knowledge from liberal education including the humanities, behavioral, computational and natural sciences for nursing care across the lifespan and within the continuum of health care environments.
  2. Apply leadership concepts and communication skills within interprofessional teams and health care systems to collaboratively manage patient care quality and safety.
  3. Utilize information about health care policy, finance and trends in health care delivery to develop interventions to improve the health of individuals and populations.
  4. Evaluate sources of evidence based practice including research and other scholarly works for application in professional nursing practice.
  5. Demonstrate professionalism and professional values within the scope of a multicultural changing society.
  6. Utilize conceptual frameworks to analyze health data and behaviors to facilitate health promotion and disease prevention for optimal population health.
  7. Utilize multiple technologies to access and manage information to guide professional practice.
  8. Examine the effect that health care policy has upon providers and consumers in the health care system.