Integrative Studies Degree

NWU offers a variety of majors, but sometimes you need something unique to fit your passion. You can design your own individualized major with NWU Integrative Studies.

NWU students have designed customized majors in organic farming, pre-optometry studies, neuroscience, and environmental studies. The options continue from there.

Let your goals, passions and imagination guide your proposed course of study.

Get amazing results.

NWU Integrative Studies means you can join Nebraska Wesleyan’s culture and community even when the specific major you’re looking for isn’t on our list.

This ability to customize combines powerfully with Nebraska Wesleyan’s outstanding reputation for quality. Let that combination bring your unique career goals in reach.

Integrative studies faculty

With NWU Integrative Studies, the faculty is as customizable as the program.

It begins by contacting NWU’s integrative studies coordinator, Professor of Psychology Mary Beth Ahlum at (402) 465-2428 or mba [at] She can help you design a major and assemble an advisory committee to bring your customized program to life.


Ty Garner