What Can I Do with an Integrative Data Science Degree?

Thanks to the integrative nature of Nebraska Wesleyan’s program, the applications of this degree are far wider than what you’d find with any traditional computer science degree.

We seek to use data science to enhance our graduates’ capabilities in every academic discipline and professional industry.

Graduate studies

There is no such thing as a “low-tech” field of graduate study. But there are still plenty of graduate school applicants with low tech-skills.

Undergraduates who already display the capacity to use technology in graduate-level research stand out in their fields. They are attractive as candidates because they are prepared to hit the ground running as they analyze and manipulate complex data for graduate work.

Your strong data science skills will help you stand out with highly-selective graduate programs.

Job opportunities

Employers are hungry for dynamic people who can use technology to address stubborn problems. The information these industries use is vast and complex; the ability to navigate that information is rare and refined.

Computer science skills alone are insufficient. But candidates who can pair data science capabilities with other specialties—like chemistry, sociology or business management—are highly valuable and sought after.

This is the kind of professional Nebraska Wesleyan University’s integrative data science program produces.